Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Year's Eve Day, Breakfast and a New Car

Jim took Logan to the airport early Saturday morning and dropped him off.  We all drove over to the eastside to meet him at a new restaurant I had been wanting to try - Slappy Cakes.  It is a cook your own pancake restaurant. 

 They have a selection of pancake batters to choose from - we got buttermilk, whole grain and gluten free!
 You also can choose your toppings - we had blueberries, white chocolate chips, lemon curd, whip cream, peanut butter, pecans, bacon and dried apricots.  Jim's favorite was pecans and apricots
 The griddle is in the middle of the table and you just cook away!  So fun.
 My personal favorite was a buttermilk pancake with white chocolate chips inside topped with lemon curd, whip cream and more white chocolate chips!
 We even practiced our penmanship!
 We had to order a side of the chicken fried bacon just to try it - not too bad!

It was a fun adventure.

From there Clark and Jessica headed home and the rest of us headed over to Broadway Toyota to look at cars.  Unfortunately the white volvo had died a few days before.  We had just put 1,500 of repair work into it and two days later it died again.  This time we decided not to resurrect - just too much money with no guarantee it would actually be fixed.  Our mechanic has been encouraging us to buy a Toyota for several years now so we decided that was the route we would go. 

We went to look at used Toyotas but ended up with a brand new one when we discovered it was only a couple of thousand dollars more than a used one thanks to a great sale.
 So we got to take this cutie home with us!  I love it.  I get to drive it too!!!

It is a very pretty gray/green color.  The girls informed us before we got to the car dealership that we were not allowed to buy a white car since we already owned 3 white cards - boring!!

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