Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mom's Birthday Celebration

On Friday before New Year's Clark and Jessica flew in from Arizona that evening.

We all went to pick the up from the airport and then headed over to Peacock Lane for our annual walk down the lane.

 From there we headed down Belmont to a Middle Eastern restaurant that Merrill Watts had recommended to celebrate my birthday.  My birthday wasn't for another week but Logan was headed back to Utah the next day and it was the only chance we had to all be together to celebrate.

 The kids spoiled me with lots of fun presents - a yoga mat carrier and water bottle from Cali,  Clark got me the Christmas songbook I wanted, and Tessa gave me a poster of drawings of all the Portland bridges.  Logan's present will come later.

Dinner was yummy and we had fun trying some new dishes and spices including some yummy lamb, and zatar pizza.

The food was delicious and the company excellent.  I love my family!!

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