Sunday, January 22, 2012

Portland Food Adventures

No trip home for the kids would be complete without some Portland Food Adventures.  We love living in a city with so many fun and amazing places to eat!  Clark was down in Arizona visiting and Jim was at work so they missed out.

It was a rainy winter day but that didn't stop us!  I think food taste better when you eat it in the rain - especially Fried Chicken and Fish & Chips! 

The girls opted to eat their lunch in the car. 

After lunch we made a quick stop at Powell's Books and then went to check out a couple of bakeries.  We had found a gluten free bakery for Cali the other day but we found some gluten free treats at the bakeries we checked out today too.

At The Pearl Bakery we found some delicious peppermint macaroons - gluten free!!

From there we went to St. Honore French Bakery for an eclair and a lemon tart.  We also enjoyed a steamer to take the chill off the day.

It was fun to sit, relax, do a little people watching and Cali did some knitting!

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