Sunday, December 20, 2009

They're Home!

They're home!  All six of us are once again under the same roof and I love it!

Logan was the first to arrive.  Jim picked him up from the airport on Wednesday when I was at a holiday luncheon and book exchange.  Things always get a little louder and more fun when Logan comes home!

He arrived home just in time to attend the Winter Choir Concert with us.  Of course they did a great job and Tessa looked darling as usual!

There was lots of beautiful holiday music.

Logan and I did a little shopping down in the NW 23rd area on Friday and then had to stop by our favorite pizza place for lunch where Jim met us - yum!

Friday night we all drove out to the airport to pick up Cali and Clark.  On the way home we stopped for a walk down Peacock Lane.  Visiting Peacock Lane has been a family tradition since we lived just a few blocks away from it.  It is a quaint street of tudor style homes.  The whole street is decorated.

One of our favorites - The Grinch!

 I loved the big bow made out of lights!

And at the end of the street was this house - the kids all said - Hey Mom, it's your word!  Jim offered to take a picture of me next to the word but I said - no thank you!

We had a busy weekend full of parties - will share pictures soon!

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Tessa is so darling.