Friday, December 25, 2009


Christmas Morning!!  Ready to go!

Both the girl's wanted boots and Santa found the perfect pair for both of them!

We had spent weeks and weeks looking for the perfect pair for Cali.  She would send me pictures of boots she saw on other people that she liked and I would take photos in stores of boots I thought she might like - but no luck!  Fortunately over Thanksgiving, thanks to a little help from Aunt Tricia, we found the perfect pair!!

Tessa gave Logan an air popper

and he got a yoga mat and a Dancing with the Stars Video from Cali.  Cali pointed out that "No partner was required" to do the video!!

Clark gave Tessa a Blazer jersey - she'll be well dressed for the two upcoming Blazer games she is going to.

Cali gave me a beautiful photograph of herself that she had taken at school!  Love it!

Tessa surprised me with two tickets to the upcoming Michael Buble concert.  She will be my date!

Logan gave Jim and Clark tickets to a Blazer Game that is tonight - Christmas Night!

Cali put together a wonderful picture collage for Jim and his office.

Santa brought us a new family game we are anxious to learn how to play.

The kids and the mess!

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Dawn said...

I got Michael Buble tickets too! I can't wait.