Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Go Cougars!!

Tuesday night was the big BYU vs. OSU football game.  In our neighborhood we live between two Beaver households.  Our neighbors the Adams both went to OSU

and on the otherside the Osbornes are Beaver fans too - the hosts of our party!

There was lots of yummy food although the cookies were a little one sided - orange and black!

I brought BYU brownies!

The neighbors were all decked out in their Beaver gear!

Our neighbor's the Quillins were there too - they tried to stay neutral but Declan and Joe came over to the cougar side!!

But the Cougar fans ruled!!!

Hannah and Cali started out the evening like this.....

but ended it like this!!  Cali had a gift for Hannah - a new BYU t-shirt!

Hannah bet Logan that if BYU won she would put a picture of herself with a Go BYU sign as her Facebook Profile - so here's the photo!

Go Cougars!!

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Tamara said...

Yeah Cougars! Leigh Anne, do you have the recipe for the BYU mint brownies? (Looks like it) I'd love to have that!