Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve Program

Following dinner we had our Christmas Eve program. 

We started out with some chime playing.

Grandpa was the director this year.

We sounded pretty good!!

We did a little caroling too.  I couldn't find the right glasses and I could only see the music if I sat in a certain spot and held my head in a certain place - the kids thought it was hilarious and took a picture.

We also acted out the Nativity.  Jim and I got to be Mary and Joseph this year.

We recruited the Elders to be Wise men with Logan and Clark.  Yes, we had four wisemen but no where in the scriptures does it actually say there were only three - just three gifts!
The girl's were the shephards and Caitie the Angel of the Lord.

One of the wisemen was a little tired after working at Costco all day!!

After the program we enjoyed the chocolate fountain that Debbie brought!

We then had two games of Ticket to Ride going - it was a late night - 1:00 a.m. was bedtime but it was a wonderful night!!

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Tamara said...

Fun, fun, fun traditions! I love your outfit Leigh Anne! (Everyone else looks great too).