Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Phoenix

Monday night Tessa went to a birthday party.  The theme of the party was Narnia and the guests were asked to come dressed as a mythical creature.

Tessa decided to be a Phoenix - the bird that rises from the ashes.  Her friend Rachel went as Mother Nature.  They had fun putting their outfits together.  They also had their makeup done by the gal that does Rachel's hair.  They looked pretty amazing!

Tessa's red and gold outfit was perfect.

and her make up was amazing!  We made Tessa's headband from some things she found at the craft store and she found the red feather earrings at the mall.  The rest of her outfit came out of her closet although I did have to give her one of her stocking stuffers early - the yellow gold tights!

She and Rachel looked darling and were the best dressed mythical creatures at the party!

Silly girl!


Tamara said...

Fun! Fun! Fun! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Yes, our little Tessa is darling! Thanks for sharing more gorgeous photos of her. Delish!