Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fun Week - Home Together!

We have enjoyed having the two boys home this week - even if all of us were only home together for two days.

After we picked up Logan from the airport on Tuesday we tried a fun new place in SE Portland - the Waffle Window. It is just that a window that serves waffles. But these are not ordinary waffles - they are amazing waffles. You can see more photos of it on my new blog -

We had such a hard deciding which ones to order that the three of us ordered 4 different ones!

We enjoyed it so much we decided we needed to stop again - this time was Friday on the way to drop Clark off at the airport on his way back to Provo.

We picked Clark up Tuesday night from the airport. Jim was in Seattle on business Tuesday and Wednesday.

Wednesday the whole family spent the day in Seattle.

Thursday was high school registration for Tessa and driver's ed. We then had a family picture taken - I figured it was the last time all of us would be home together until Christmas since we are planning on going to Utah for Thanksgiving so I needed to take advantage of everyone being home!

Friday, Clark returned to Provo and we worked on getting Cali packed up to head back too.

Saturday Jim worked around the house and Logan, the girls and I headed down to Saturday's Market. Logan wanted to get some photographs of Portland to hang in his new office. He got some great ones - one of the Made In Oregon sign since he was made in Oregon, one of Multnomah Falls, the Gorge and Mt. Hood. I had given him a framed picture of Cannon Beach as a congratulations on your first job present so his Oregon roots will be well represented in his new office.!

We of course had to enjoy some yummy market fare while we were there. All of us chose gyros - yum

Cali's friend Brittany joined us at Saturday's Market

A fun week with the family!

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Tamara said...

Those waffles look yummy. Rejoice that you had such a great time and that you all were protected on your way to Provo--even with the blow out and all. GOOD LUCK in the studies and the new job (Logan).