Thursday, September 3, 2009

CJ's Wedding

We decided to wait and drive to Provo at the last minute (the day before school started) so we could attend the wedding of one of our favorite people - CJ Reid.

CJ or Carolyn is the drama director at the high school and has been a very special person in our lives - especially Logan, Cali and Tessa.

She and Jackson (who we love) were married Saturday evening at Pennisula Park in North Portland.

The weather had been rather iffy Friday and Saturday during the day and since the wedding was outside we all were a little worried and said a few extra prayers. But the weather gods were listening and it ended up being a beautiful evening!

The bride was beautiful and the groom so handsome! It was so tender to see Jackson's eyes fill with tears as CJ walked down the aisle!
The reception was held at the Arcadia Ballroom in North Portland - a beautiful venue. The food was yummy too!

Many of CJ's former students were at the wedding. It was fun to see so many kids that Logan and Cali had gone to school with. Only former students were invited so Tessa was the only current student invited - she felt pretty special!

All of the students sang Seasons of Love at the reception.

I tried to get a cute picture of the kids all dressed up for the wedding and this is what I got....

Finally, I got a decent one....

Cali wore the cute dress we found at Anthropologie - Someone had just returned it. The dress was originally $250.00 and was marked down to $50.00.

The vintage pink crinoline we had bought at the Barn House looked so cute under the dress.

Congratulations CJ and Jackson!!

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Tamara said...

Fun pictures. I love Cali's dress. THANKS FOR SHARING!