Thursday, September 3, 2009

Provo Bound Road Trip

We got up early Sunday morning to start our 13 hour car trip to Provo.

The car was filled to the brim with Cali and Clark's college stuff and the five of us (me, Jim, Logan, Cali and Tessa)

I started out the trip stuck in the backseat right in the middle with not a whole lot of leg room. Tessa traded with me part way there - still in the back seat but a little more room!

The trip was fairly uneventful until we crossed over the Utah border from Idaho. I thought we were actually still in No Where Idaho but really once you leave the beauty of Oregon it all looks the same - flat, brown and barren!

Cali was driving - going almost 85 miles an hour. Please remember we were in Utah where you are allowed to drive 75 miles per hour on the freeway. The car began to shake, rattle and roll! Fortunately Cali was calm and got the car over to the side of the road without a problem.

Jim got out and looked around the car and didn't see anything so he got behind the wheel and pulled out again. The car started shaking immediately so he pulled over again. This time he looked under the car and saw that the back tire had blown out on the inside!

We have had the Suburban for 10 years and never had to use the spare so we weren't sure if it even had air in it or if it was full size. Fortunately for us it was full size and had air.
Because the car was full to the brim we had to unpack about half of it to access the spare tire.

Did I mention the wind was blowing about 100 mph (not really but it was blowing hard)!!

The girls got a little crazy while the boys were changing the tire!
Cali thought maybe we should hitchhike into town!

Wouldn't you stop for that sad face?!Our big strong men made quick work of changing the tire and we were on our way again within 30 minutes.The spare tire was a little low so we were only 8 miles from Snowville so we stopped there to fill it up with air! We arrived safely in Provo that evening!


cali said...

post the video!!!!

Tamara said...

Grateful that your prayers for "protetion and safety" were answered. Please know that the students and all of you are in our prayers!