Thursday, September 3, 2009


We spent Monday and Tuesday in Provo.

After arriving Sunday evening we dropped all of Cali's stuff off at her apartment and then made a stop at Clark's to deliver his things.

Because Jim was also working while we were there we stayed at a hotel.

Monday we went to the bookstore and got Cali's books bought and then took her to the grocery store to stock her kitchen. She is excited to be living with three of her good friends and floormates from last year.

One of the highlights of a trip to Provo is a stop at Cafe Rio - yum!!

Monday was a big day.

Cali started her sophomore year at BYU!

Clark started his Senior year!

On Tuesday Clark took Tessa with him to his Personal Finance class. It was a big class of 300 people. During the class the teacher asked if there were any 16 year olds in the class - they were talking about how Ben Franklin figured out at the age 16 how much he had to save to be able to have the amount of money he would need when he retired to live on the rest of his life.

Clark pointed out to the teacher that his sister was 16 and the teacher directed his entire lecture right to Tessa! She even took notes!

Monday was also a big day for Logan - he started his first day of work!

Here he is looking all handsome by his new car!

He stayed with us at the hotel as he had moved out of his apartment. He is moving in with his buddies Lane and Mark into a townhouse that Mark bought but it wasn't ready yet.

One of the things we love most about going to Utah is getting to see all the Wilkes cousins!

Monday night Uncle David treated us all to dinner in honor of Jim's birthday. We ate at a yummy new place - Guru's.

We were able to see Addy who had fallen and broken her arm a few days ago.

Logan also brought his friend Jenesse to dinner so that we could meet her. I figured they were both pretty brave to bring her to a gathering of lots of Wilkes for her first introduction!

We loved meeting her and getting to know her a little. I even got permission to share a picture of the two of them here on the blog!

Jenesse is from Glendora, California and it ends up we have a mutual friend - one of my CM friends!

Tuesday, Tricia, Emily, Tessa and I made a trip to Tai Pan and then out to lunch. Tuesday we had dinner with all the kids at Brick Oven Pizza. Logan and Jenesse had been out boating on Utah Lake and the boat had broken down. We were glad they got towed in in time to join us for dinner.

We have left half of our family in Provo - we miss them already. Tessa is having to readjust to being the only child at home - she misses her siblings, especially her sister.

We arrived home safe and sound Tuesday night!


linda said...

So glad you're home safe and sound. It's hard leaving your family in another state, I know...and I've cried for days. No matter what their age, it's difficult leaving your children.

Poor Tessa! She'll be in my thoughts!

I went to Tai Pan about 3-4 weeks ago and stocked up on some super Halloween goodies. Their prices are so good I went a little wild. I'm still hiding all of my loot in my trunk!

Melinda said...

Sounds like a wonderful time! How nice to get to spend time on their turf!

I like the way the teacher folded Tessa right into the day's curriculum!

Side note: Glendora is practically in the backyard of where Michael is going to school (Azusa). A bit smoky there, due to the fires encroaching on the territory.

Tamara said...

THANKS for sharing. Your adventures sound so wonderful--wish I could ahve been a tag along. I love being with the Wilkes cousins too!