Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Table is Full!

The other night we were all sitting around the kitchen table playing cards.

I looked around and every seat at my kitchen table was full. There were my two handsome boys.

I was glad to have them at my table - even if they were picking each other's zits! That's true brotherly love - letting your brother pop your zits!

And I loved seeing both my pretty girls at the table.

Even if we had to put up with Tessa's craziness and constant use of the expression - Santa Vaca over and over again! Literal translation is Holy Cow in Spanish.

And of course my handsome husband too!

The majority of the year only half of the seats are filled.
I am grateful that for two nights I had a full table.


Michelle Wilkes said...

I love the look on your face! I guess we just have to take your word for it that you were glad for all that craziness!

Tamara said...

Thanks for the fun pictures. I've never seen Jim with glasses before. Good Luck to the BYU students, Tess in High School and Logan with the new job where he will EARN MONEY. YEAH!!!!!!

Emily Brown said...

That looks like a lot of fun... what a cute family. I am just wondering if yourhomebasedmom is under construction? I went to get a recipe and it says safari can't find this site.. anyways, hope it gets back up soon, let me know. otherwise I will be patient with the internet. Thanks, EMILY

Leigh Anne Wilkes said...


No it is up and running. Thinking you may be having an internet issue.
Try back again!