Friday, August 28, 2009

Eastside Culinary Adventures

I love the Eastside of Portland.

I miss the Eastside of Portland.

Every few months I need an Eastside fix.

When we first moved to Portland 27 years ago we lived on the Eastside - we lived there until we outgrew our little one bathroom bungalow when Tessa was born. We then moved to the Westside which we love but I miss the character and charm of the Eastside.

I was in need of an Eastside fix this last week so we called our friends the Watts and met them for dinner.

The Westside of Portland is sorely lacking in fun, unique, local restaurants. We've got plenty of chains but that's about it. If you want something other than Chevy's, Stanfords etc. you have to cross the river.

Knowing I was looking for a little diversity Shauna recommended a Cuban restaurant - Pambiche - we were game

The restaurant had lots of charm and character. Lots of fun, bright colors!

It was a Monday night and the place was super busy - we waited 30-40 minutes and then when we left at 9:00 p.m. there was still a line of 15 people waiting!

We got in lots of visiting during our wait -

The dads...

The moms....

And the girls...

We were glad we had Merrill with us who speaks Spanish because quite a bit of the menu was Spanish words and we had no idea what to order.

Cali, our always adventerous eater, ordered Ox Tail.!

I had pork and Jim had chicken. We even ate yucca and plantain. I have to admit that the oxtail was my favorite - very tender and yummy!

There were lots of yummy desserts to choose from too!

Cali chose a piece of Tres Leche Cake, Kelsey had some German Chocolate Cake and the rest of us opted to walk over a couple of blocks to the gelato shop!

We have decided to form an Eastside dinner group - once a month we are going to explore a new Eastside restaurant!

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Tamara said...

Count us in. We'd love to come over on a weekend when you are trying out a new place. Keep us posted!