Sunday, August 23, 2009

Girl's Week

It was Girl's Week at our house - all week. Jim was in Alabama the whole week for training.

He even had to celebrate his birthday all by himself in a hotel room (actually sounds kind of nice to me!) Fortunately he got lots of birthday calls from his siblings, his parents and us of course!

We will celebrate this next week when the boys are home!

We enjoyed our Girl's Week - we did things like eat quiche for dinner, we went to see a chick flick (Julie & Julia which I loved), went to yoga class and I enjoyed a garden dinner with some of my beach babe friends.
Cali worked and babysat quite a bit and Tessa had her first driver's ed lesson. She did great and is already feeling more confident. She even learned how to parallel park!!

I had my first paid catering job this week (no this is not a business I am starting but someone asked so I figured why not!) I catered a cupcake bar for a women's 40th birthday party her husband was putting on. It turned out great despite being a little stressful.

I baked the cupcakes the night before and then put them in a container just like I had for the wedding reception. Except I used different cupcake liners this time and when I opened them in the morning all of the liners had peeled off of the lime cupcakes! They looked terrible. So I ran to two different stores looking for different liners and then got to rebake the lime ones a few hours before I was due to deliver them! Everything ended up fine and the client was happy so that was good!

My neighbor Debbie was having a anniversary party for her friend so I peeled off all the liners to the bad cupcakes, frosted them and took them over for them to enjoy.

On Saturday the girls and I headed out to Oregon City to a new barn sale - the Queen of Tarte.

My friend April met us out there and it was so fun. Not only was there lots of pretty things to see and buy but we all devoured a piece of this amazing cake. It had the best buttercream frosting I have ever had - I have got to figure out a way to get the recipe!

We of course made a few purchases. I found an old chair that was painted green that I fell in love with and the girls both got these pink wire things that you can hang on the wall and slide pictures into - not sure what they originally were but that's what we are going to use them for!
We of course did a little more shopping during our Girl's Week. We are getting ready for a family picture next week while the boys are home and we were working on what everyone was going to wear for the picture!

Boy Update: Logan is now the proud owner of a new car! He is loving it. He said it is so nice not to open the passenger door for a girl and have her jump because she thought one fired a gun - the door made a really loud noise when you opened it! He is also squeezing in as much golf as he can before he starts his job Aug. 31st He also enjoyed a fun day out on Utah Lake with a girl he is dating and her family on their boat.

We are so glad he is coming home on Tuesday!

Clark is enjoying his last weekend in England at the summer/weekend home of our Clarke relatives (the family of my Grandma Violet Best's younger sister Margaret). Clark spent one night in London with our cousin Georgie (she visited us here in the states several years ago) and then they went out to the family country home which is on the River Thames. He has some amazingly beautiful pictures posted on his Facebook page and on his blog so check them out. He is having a wonderful time and I'm not sure he is actually going to come home on Tuesday!!

We are excited to see him though. We will be making two trips to the airport on Tuesday - in the morning for Logan and the evening for Clark. Jim will be in Seattle on business but we will drive up to Seattle on Wednesday to join him for the day - the girls want to do some school shopping at H & M and then of course we will take in a Mariner's game that night!


linda said...

What a perfect way to end summer...with a girl's week!

We saw Julie & Julia last night, I loved it!

I must go to a Barn Sale one day!

Leigh Anne Wilkes said...

One of my friends went to the movie with my girls and I and we decided we are having a Julia Child dinner soon - Boeuf Bourginone (didn't spell it right) and that chocolate cake with the almonds around the edge and probably the bruschetta too - I was drooling during the movie!!
If you haven't read the two books that the movie is based on you should - they were both good reads. I think I may even re read the My Life in France one about Julia Child. In fact the first time I discovered blogging is when I read Julie & Julia!

Tamara said...

Thanks for opening our eyes to so many pretty things. . . .to so much adventure and fun family things! Glad you had a wonderful Girl's Week and now you can look forward to a FAMILY WEEK before the 3 oldest take off for Utah. Thanks for keeping us informed on what is going on in the Wilkes household in Portland (and around the world).

Emily said...

So what you are telling me is that having two girls is just going to get better and better?!