Friday, July 17, 2015

Week at the Beach 2015 Day 7

July 8, 2015  We headed to Hug Point.  One of our favorite places to hang out when it's  a little windy on Manzanita Beach.

We found a fun little swimming hole for the kids to jump into.
 Addi even did it!
Jacky was a little hesitant but she did it!

Even Jim got into the fun!
There were lots of games on the beach too!  We brought Grandma Best down with us and he played some Blongo Ball..  He and grandma came down to join us for a few days.

Spencer and Tracy drove down for the day too.

Love my girls!

And love these girls too!!

It has been a wonderful Week at the Beach - Wilkesanita 2015!

For dinner we had a birthday celebration for Grandma Best's 85th birthday complete with a pinata!

Watch out for grandma when she has a bat in her hand!
We celebrated Tessa and Spencer's birthday too - all the July birthdays.

Birthday dinner on the patio.

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