Monday, July 13, 2015

Week at the Beach 2015 Day 1 and 2

Our annual week at the beach is my favorite week of the year.  All the kids were home for at least part of the week and this year Wynn and Emily and family joined us for the whole week which made it even more fun.

Debbie and Hannah were also there for part of the week (wouldn't be the same without them) and my folks came down for a few days too!
A great beginning to Wilkesanita 2015
 My favorite view - love it when we come around the corner and there this is!
 We arrived in the afternoon and got everything unpacked and headed down to the beach!
 A game of Smash Ball is always in order!
 We had an amazing sunset our first night there!

 We had Cafe Rio Salads for dinner and of course this was only the beginning of the many games that would be played during the week at the beach.
Day #2
We hung around the house in the morning.  Jim did some yard work and Clark, Jessica and Logan arrived around lunch time.  We headed down to the beach to enjoy the sun and some more beach games but it was a bit windy.

That night for dinner we went down to Rockaway to a place we hadn't tried before - The Old Oregon Smokehouse.  It is quite the hole in the wall but the food was great.

We may  have found a new favorite place for fish and chips and clam chowder.  We liked it better than Mo's!

We stopped by the Manzanita Farmer's Market on the way back from dinner and Cali entertained us with her Ariel interpretation.

We got to enjoy another beautiful sunset that evening.

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Jacky said...

It was so much fun!!! I am excited for all the other days!!!!