Monday, September 16, 2013

Bear Lake Wilkes Family Reunion}part two

The first evening in Bear Lake a group of us went to the Pickleville Playhouse to see Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.  Several of Logan's friends were in the show so it was fun to see them. It is a small theater but the do a good job and the show was fun.

The girls' especially enjoyed the pickle on a stick during intermission.

The second evening was our family meeting and "choosing night."  Grandma had made a beautiful quilt which she raffled off.  You could buy tickets for a chance to win and the money goes towards our next reunion.
Here is the pretty quilt.  Travis Reber was the lucky winner.

Grandma also brought lots and lots of treasures that she set up in a room and everyone got a chance to go in and "choose" something.  Everyone was able to go in several times.  Lots of fun treasures and stories!  I was excited that I got to choose grandma and grandpa's cake topper.  From their original wedding cake and I also got the one that was on their 30th wedding anniversary cake.

It was fun to have everyone gathered together in one place.

Grandpa got to pull the tickets out of the box and Grandma would read the names.  As you can see Aunt Teresa was pretty excited when her name was called!!

Of course there was some fun game playing every evening with all the cousins!

And some late night runs for more raspberry shakes!

Family photo shoot to come....

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