Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bear Lake Wilkes Family Reunion}part three

Of course there had to be a family photo taken.  With a group this big that isn't an easy task!

We all wore our great family reunion t-shirts designed by Micah.
The names of all the family members make up the branches of the tree.

Here's the whole group! We were missing a few missionaries and a couple of others but it's a pretty good representation!
 Here are Grandma and Grandpa with their children.
And their children and their spouses.
And then each of the children's family.  From oldest to youngest:
The Reber/Hogsett Family

The Wynn Wilkes Family
 The Jim Wilkes Family
The David Wilkes Family
The Tom and Jayna Nelson Family
and then a couple of crazy cousins.

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