Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bear Lake - Wilkes Family Reunion}part one

The first week of August we had a Wilkes Family Reunion at Bear Lake organized by Uncle David.

I had flown in early to help Cali and Jim and Tessa drove over.  I picked up Clark and Jessica at the airport in SLC and along with Cali we drove up to Bear Lake.  Logan had driven up the night before.

We stayed in a beautiful, large family lodge that slept 50 called Papa Bear Lodge!  It had a beautiful kitchen and several large gathering areas and was not far from the Lake.  We also used another house that belonged Teresa's sister where the Wynn Wilkes stayed.  We had almost 80 people at the reunion.

Of course our first stop in Bear Lake had to be for a famous raspberry shake!

We spent most of our time playing in the water.  We had three boats - David had rented one, Travis brought his and we borrowed Teresa's brother in laws boat.  They used a tractor to put it in the water!

It had been 23 years since we had been to Bear lake - I had forgotten what a beautiful place it is!'

 We had all kinds of fun toys to play with in the water - kayaks, paddle boards,floaties and jet skis!

 I even tried out the paddle board - so fun!
 Tessa showed off her newly acquired wake boarding skills.

The kids had lots of fun out on the boats waterskiing, wake boarding, and tubing.

Just riding around on the boat was quite fun too!

The best part was just hanging out as a family and being together.

We took turns with meals and enjoyed lunch down at the lake. Grandma and Grandpa came down one day to watch the fun.

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Michelle Wilkes said...

thanks for posting, I hadn't seen pictures of the reunion yet. wish i could have been there!