Sunday, September 15, 2013

Party #2 of the Day - Quillins Farewell Party

Our second party of the day was a Farewell Party for our neighbors the Quillins.  They are moving to China for two years with Intel.  We are so excited for them but so sad for us.  We will miss them but can't wait to follow along on their exciting adventure.  They will be renting their house while they are gone so we will have new neighbors for two years.

We decided to keep the food pretty easy for this party.  We did a Hot Dog Bar and a potluck side dish/salad. 
So many yummy things were brought.
We broke out the Lemonade Stand from the Wedding Carnival too.
We decorated with a few Chinese lanterns.
 We had a yard full of friends!  So fun.

We also had music and dancing - that dance floor sure comes in handy!
But the highlight of the evening had to be the Shaved Ice Truck that came!
 The kids and the adults thought it was so fun and we kept him busy for two hours!  I think this guy had four of them!

Who doesn't love shaved ice!!
I'm going to miss this guy!  We've known him since the day he was born.
We ended the evening by setting off some Chinese Lanterns.  Some of them worked better than others:)

Sending off our best wishes for the Quillins on their exciting adventur - love you guys!!!

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