Monday, August 8, 2011

Kid's Cooking Classes

 It was a crazy, busy week.  Hardly even had a minute to notice the empty nest.  Maybe because it wasn't empty most of the time!!

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I taught some kid's cooking classes here at the house.  It was lots of fun and really messy.  My house was covered in flour, sugar and butter but the kid's seem to have fun.  I did breads on Monday, cookies on Tuesday and cupcakes on Wednesday which was the most popular class.

I think the bread class was actually my favorite.  They made bread in a bag and pretzels.

They went home with lots of fresh baked goodies.
The cupcake class was the most popular and I had 18 kids between the two classes.  It was a bit crazy!!

All in all it was very fun.  I got to meet lots of darling kids and they had a good time!

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