Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is all about tradition at our house. We have been doing the same thing for 30 years!  And more if you count my childhood.  I think if I tried to change anything my kids would hang me!

The kids and Jim had time for a round of  Ticket to Ride before the festivities began - I of course was in the kitchen

:Lizzy, Clark's girlfriend joined us for Christmas Eve since her family wasn't celebrating until the day after Christmas when her brothers were in town.

Of course the evening started with our fondue dinner - meat fondue and cheese as well as a lovely assortment of appetizers which of course included potato skins!

The Osbornes and Jensens joined us for the evening too.

 After dinner we did our traditional chime playing.

 And Hannah and Tessa began our musical program with their annual rendition of Chopsticks!  There was also some caroling.

 Jim got to be the narrator for our Christmas pageant this year.
 And Lizzy and Clark were Mary and Joseph.  Thanks for being a good sport Lizzy!
 Everyone else played their traditional roles!

 Although he was a little late this year Santa delivered his new pajamas for the kids.

A fun evening - ready for bed and Santa!

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