Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve Day

The boys arrived home Thursday evening - yeah!

Friday morning, Christmas Eve morning was the first and last chance we had to have our family picture taken with Santa downtown at Macy's - a 26 year tradition.  How could we miss.

Everyone got up and we were downtown a little after 9 a.m.  The kids always feel a little silly standing in line with all the little kids!  But they do it for their mother.

 They then all very obediently went and sat on Santa's lap and told  him what they wanted.  On the list were an AppleTV, a longboard (can you guess who that was/?), a new winter coat and a polaroid camera!

 And of course we had to have the family photo taken!

 Even though it has been years since they were small enough to ride the monorail and even if they were small enough it is no longer there they are always sad that they are too tall!

Aren't they cute!?
 Love seeing all those feet together on the same street!

 We headed across the river to the east side to have breakfast at the Cadillac Cafe.  It was yummy.  My hazelnut french toast was delicious!

 The rest of them ordered the Bunkhouse Vittles and as you can see Clark enjoyed his!  On the way back to drop Clark off downtown we had a bit of a car problem.  You see, the gas gauge does not work on my car.  So I have to keep track of how many miles I have gone to know when I need gas.  Well, recently the price of gas has gone up and unfortunately I didn't figure that into my calculations - I can't get as far on the same amount of gas.  And yes, we ran out of gas downtown.  Logan got out of the car to help push but we were going down hill so he just ran along.
 Jim, Cali and Logan walked a few blocks to a gas station but when they wanted twenty dollars for a one gallon can of gas they decided to call AAA which would bring us 2 gallons for free.  Fortunately it was only about a 20 minute wait.  While Tessa and I waited in the car, Clark took off on foot to meet up with Lizzy and Jim , Logan and Cali headed over to the Duck Store to purchase some new apparel.
Despite the minor delay with the car it was a fun morning and we headed home to get ready for the big night!

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Tamara said...

What fun traditions you have! Glad you didn't have to wait long for the gas. Is Lizzy from the Portland area? Are we going to have an announcement soon? We would much rather go to a wedding than a funeral and it is still a couple of years away from the next family reunion. We all had so much fun this summer! All the Reber's will be at their Dad's this year--so grateful they can all be together. We love you and Merry Christmas!