Sunday, December 19, 2010

Breakfast with Santa

I think our annual Breakfast with Santa is one of my favorite holiday traditions.  Started several years ago when my children finally out grew the Meier & Frank Breakfast with Santa we went to each year for years!!

I decided I could keep the tradition going by inviting the neighborhood kids to join us! 

We serve the same menu they did at Meier & Frank - pancakes, sausage, fruit and hot chocolate!  Jim is the official pancake flipper!

The hot chocolate bar is always a big hit with the kids and adults!

 The kids all get to eat at the big table and the adults hang out in the kitchen.

 Fresh off the plane from New York Tessa had to try out her new hot chocolate mug!

 She was still a little tired as she didn't get to bed until about 4 a.m. New York time!!

 After breakfast the kids got to decorating their gingerbread houses.

 This year we had a few giant gingerbread men to decorate too thanks to the white elephant party Jim and I went too - we got a good gift this time!!

 And of course Santa paid us a visit.  Declan was looking out the window when he arrived and announced to us all that Santa drives a Honda Civic!

 The neighborhood kids with Santa - missing 4 of them.  Molly had to leave early for a birthday party and Logan, Clark and Caitie were missed too!

 The Wilkes Family minus two!
 The kids had fun hanging out for the rest of the morning playing games, hide and seek and watching the BYU football game with Jim.
 This is Cali's solution to keeping her eyes open when we take a photo - she holds them open!

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Tamara said...

What a fun tradition! Your neighbors are truly blessed to have you!