Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Case of the Missing Umbrellas

On Tuesday, Cali's good friend Kat got married.  Cali was one of the bridesmaids.

When you get married in Oregon in December you have to be prepared for rain - lots of rain.  It poured all day, the day of the wedding.

A few weeks before the wedding they decided they better order umbrellas - good thinking!  Unfortunately the umbrellas weren't scheduled to arrive until the day of the wedding but they were confident they would arrive in the morning before the afternoon ceremony at 2:00 p.m.

Well, by noon they still hadn't arrived but Cali went into action.  She contacted her old boss at the UPS store to see if he knew what driver would deliver to Cat's house - he didn't, it wasn't in his area but he suggested we contact the UPS store on 185th.  Cali did that but the man there was not helpful.

Being a resourceful girl she called UPS directly and got them to text the driver and find out where he was.  Cali and Tessa then drove to the driver who happened to be at the Rock Creek Country Club.  Mission accomplished when the UPS driver nicely handed over the box of umbrellas - with only an hour left until the ceremony.

Cali and orange umbrellas were there to meet the bride and groom when they exited the temple!.  They added such a fun touch to the photos and helped keep everyone dry!

 Tessa was the official umbrella holder for the photographer.  She was a good sport.  She even went with them down to the Pearl for more photos after the ones at the Temple. 

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Tamara said...

Yeah! Cali to the rescue. Thank goodness for the yellow umbrellas. Looks like a fun wedding!