Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pretty in Pink Photo Shoot

Before Christmas, Lizzy (Clark's girlfriend) called me to ask if I would take some photos of her in a vintage dress she had purchased that Clark really liked.  The photos were to be part of his Christmas present. 

Of course I said yes so the Tuesday before Christmas we met up at Saint Cupcake in NW Portland.  I thought Saint Cupcake would be the perfect location for the photo shoot because of the fun pink decor and the fact that Lizzy loves cupcakes and is wonderful baker.

The people at the bakery were great and let me climb on chairs and move the furniture around.  After the bakery we walked up the street to a Jewish Synagogue and took a few pictures there too. 

I thought the pictures turned out pretty good for an amateur.


Anonymous said...

That dress (and the girl in it!) is gorgeous!! You did a great job Leigh Anne.

Tamara said...

What fun pictures. We look forward to meeting Lizzy soon!

Anonymous said...

Leigh Anne!!
Lizzy is such a stunning girl, and your photography is spectacular. You are many MANY steps above an amateur!! I love the "available light" on these pictures!!