Sunday, January 3, 2010

Photo Shoot

Logan is back in Provo and Clark and Cali are enroute and it is too quiet at our house!  We had a wonderful Christmas break and I will update the blog with our New Year's celebrations soon.  But for today I wanted to share some photos of the girls.

Cali's friend Olivia is studying photography at NYU and while she was home she did a few photo shoots - Top Model style. 

Each photo shoot had a theme just like on the show.

The theme of this shoot was Storybook Characters  - can you guess who Cali was??

Little Miss Goldilocks!  How about Tessa??

Cinderella of course!

The next shoot was Misplaced Socialite.....

And the last shoot was Nymphs.....

Tessa was Awkward - she looks pretty awkward!

And Cali was Angelic....  I think this shoot was in the pouring down rain!!

Good work Olivia - check out Olivia's photography blog here.

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Tamara said...

Cute! Cute! Fun! Fun! Thanks for sharing!