Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Culinary Adventures

The Saturday before the kids headed back to school Logan, Cali and I decided to have a little Portland Culinary Adventure. Jim, Clark and Tessa were invited along but they said they were busy (later found out they were plotting surprises!!!)

Portland has been getting a lot of press lately (Bon Appetit, Gourmet, and The Oregonian) about their food carts. Food carts are popping up all over town! There is a new area of food carts over on N. Mississippi in Portland so we decided to check them out.  Many culinary school graduates are opting to open food carts instead of restaurants in the Portland area so there is some good eating to be had at food carts!

Because it was the holidays, a slow time of year for them, a few of them weren't open but we managed to find some good eating!

Just like Portland the selection of food was very diversified and eclectic!

The area is great because they have a covered table area so even if it is raining the food carts are open.
We each agreed we would get something different so we could try lots of things.

We started out with some yummy curried potatoes

which we bought from this nice man....

I had read about the Monte Cristo sandwich from the Good Egg so figured I better check it out after it got rave reviews - not only did it have ham and egg on it but blue cheese too!  The coating on the bread was so yummy!!

Logan went for the pizza (can't remember the name of the food cart)
 which was so good - a very thin crust topped with sausage, kalmati olives and onions.

Cali seems to have the most eccentric tastes in our family and she chose the Vegetarian option - the Gravy Bowl.

It was a combo of green onion, rice, soy curls and gravy that was described as "gravy on crack"  The soy curls were actually really good.  They have a good texture and flavor.

Since the food cart with desserts and treats wasn't open we decided to take a little trip on the way home to the Waffle Window over on Hawthorne.
We shared a hot fudge sundae waffle.

Next time we'll explore the food carts in downtown Portland!
Logan thinks when he is rich and famous he will retire and open a food cart!


Tamara said...

Yum! Yum! Yum! We hope Logan's wish for riches comes to fruition soon, so we can frequent his food cart.

Mary Anne Best said...

I have an idea it will be his mom in front of the stove at Logan's food cart.