Saturday, January 9, 2010

50th Birthday

You have probably already seen these photos either on my Facebook page or on my other blog but I wanted to share them here too because this blog is our family history and I wanted it included.

On the Saturday before the kids went back to school we were going out to dinner for my birthday.  Instead we ended up at my friend Shauna's house!

Except we weren't the only ones invited!  About 50 of my friends were waiting for us!!
Jim, the kids and my Beach Babe friends had planned an amazing 50th birthday celebration for me!

We were greeted by this life size menu.  Dinner was delicious thanks to the help of a lot of my friends!
A real Italian feast!!

My Beach Babes and a few other friends worked hard in the kitchen.

There were so many of my wonderful friends there to celebrate with me.

Jeanette, Daurie and April

My parents were there and neighbor Debbie and Hannah Osborne

Friends from church - Cherilyn, Pam and Tracy

and several of my CM friends too - Debby, Lee and Dustin Lazarone and friend AMy

Sweet friend Cathy and her husband Tom came to celebrate too.

I was so surprised to see Anne Vingelen, the boy's first grade teacher and her husband John there too - I was so excited!

The kids put on a great program.  Logan and Cali did the 12 hours of mom's day.
On the first hour of mom’s day her to do list said….

One ten mile walk in a weighted vest
Two Webinars
Three Scrapbooks
Four care packages
Five diet cokes
Six grocery store visits
Seven trips to Anthropologie
Eight million pictures
Nine books to read
Ten recipes to cook
Eleven phone calls to kids
Twelve new blog posts

Their actions and words were hilarious.

Clark and Tessa entertained us with a skit about Jim and I in another 50 years!  They had us pretty much pegged!  Jim was complete with his plaid shirt, mustache and baseball cap and I looked very stylish in my pink satin robe and fur and 3 pairs of glasses!

Jim and my mom had a list of facts about Leigh Anne to share with everyone.

and Merrill sang the song Impossible Dream with some new words!

“To write the unwritable blog, to bake the unbakeable bread, to live in the Garden of Eden…..

Logan made everyone cry when he sang a sweet song from Fiddler on the Roof called “Mama, a Rainbow.” The words start out, “What do you give to the lady who has given all her life and love to you? …..What can I give you, what will your present be? Mama young and beautiful, always young and beautiful. That’s the Mama I’ll always see. That’s for Mama with love from me.”

After the entertainment Jim gave me his birthday gift for me.

A total surprise!  A 10 day trip to England!!

I will fly over and meet Cali after her study abroad semester and tour around for 10 days - I can't wait!!

We then had birthday cake - my favorite - lemon poppyseed creamcheese from Beaverton Bakery!

And then we had a birthday toast!

It was a perfect evening!  Especially because I got to share it with these people!!


cali said...

I didn't know you were turning 59 mom??

CountryMama@The Cozy Country Home said...

Ha! Ha! I saw that too... You look fantastic for 59!! (above the menu in your post you said your friends planned a 59th birthday for you) :)

Leigh Anne Wilkes said...

TYPO!! Please, don't want to make me any older than I am!

Tamara said...

Well, I'm turning 59 this week, so you definitely DO NOT want to be that old. . . . .Thanks for sharing all these fun pictures. The element of surprise is so wonderful! Glad they were able to pull it off!!!!!