Saturday, January 9, 2010

Birthday Lunch

A group of friends treated me to lunch on my birthday.  I chose to go to a new restaurant I hadn't been to before, Paragon, down in the Pearl District.

Thank you to all my sweet friends who joined me!

Jeannena brought me her Queen Bee crown from her birthday party and insisted I was now the Queen Bee!

For lunch I had an amazing grilled cheese sandwhich and tomato soup - it's the restaurant's speciality!

I just thought the waterbottle looked so pretty with the sunlight!

After lunch we wandered around the Pearl a bit and into a few shops.  We also got a yummy red velvet cupcake at Cupcake Jones for dessert!
It was a perfect way to spend part of my birthday - great food and friends!

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Tamara said...

Wish you were here to teach my class on FRIENDS this week. You certainly do have lots of them!