Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon

The first midnight premiere of a movie I ever attended was Twilight.  It was a fun and crazy experience!

After it was over though I added it to my list of "Things I'm glad I did once but don't need to do again."

Well  - I lied.  I did it again.

Last night Tessa, Hannah, Molly and Olivia and I attended the Premiere - Midnight showing of New Moon, the sequel to Twilgiht.

Never say never!

The girls all headed over about 9:30 and I hung at home until about 11:00 when Jim dropped me off.

We had a great time and enjoyed New Moon more than Twilight.

We are thinking we may all be joining Team Jacob!!

Now to catch up on my sleep!!


Michelle Wilkes said...

First of all, I'm so impressed that you can stay up that late! I went to the 2:30 showing yesterday (while all the teenagers were still in school!)
I wore the same t-shirt I wore to Twilight. It says, "I would have picked Jacob" and after seeing all those ripped muscles, I sure chose right! (And I pretty much did, because Justin is way more like Jacob than Edward)
I thought it was better than Twilight, too, and I'd go see it again in a heart beat!

Leigh Anne Wilkes said...

My girls are planning on seeing it again over Thanksgiving Break so they can see it together. I enjoyed it but think once may be enough for me! At least at almonst $10.00 a head!

Emily said...

One word, really just one. CRAZY!!!!