Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jim's New Boss

Wanted to introduce you to Jim's new boss today.

Isn't he cute?

Yes - Jim is working for the Duck.

We are excited that he has a job!  He started last week and has been busy with training and learning everything he needs to know.

He has gotten off to a strong start and has his first sales under his belt which is a good thing since he is TOTALcommission.  Yes that means no base salary - nothing - no sales equals no money!

We have done that before and we can do it again.  The job also comes with no benefits which is something new for us.  We have never had a job before with no benefits.
Fortunately we can stay on our Cobra until next June so I am sure we will figure something out by then.

He will still have a home office but spends a lot of time at the main office and out talking with businesses so I must admit I am enjoying my quiet house again!!

So if you know of someone or a business/company that might be interested in supplmental insurance give Jim a call - he'd love to talk to them!


Tamara said...

Yeah for the new job! We are so grateful and know wonderful things are in the wings! Wish you were here Leigh Anne to help me organize. We slept in the new house last night. All three stalls of the garage are filled to the brim. . . . .I'm at the old house now supposed to be cleaning (but had to check your blogs). I asked Richard to keep one computer here since we don't get internet til Tuesday--can I be without the internet that long???? We have til Monday noon, so we are ahead of the game. Dozens of wonderful people have been helping us this week--mainly moved Tuesday and Thursday nights--much better than a 12 hour day on Saturday and both being exhausted. Hugs!

Emily said...

Congratulations!!! This is exciting news for sure.