Saturday, January 3, 2009

Holiday Entertainment, Part Two

And how could I forget the numerous games of:

Five Crowns
Take Two
Settler's of Catan
Apples to Apples
and a game or two of Murder

and then maybe a lane or two of bowling this afternoon....


Tamara said...

Do miss having family around to play those games. . . . . . Had a neat experience in the temple last night. Usually I do my own names for initiatories, but didn't have any names. (Working has put a huge kink in my genealogy) When I got two sheets of temple names I realized they were from Brazil. It hit me that 36 years ago on Saturday I entered the old Mission training Center in Salt Lake. I asked the workers if others were doing names from Brazil--they couldn't find any others from Brazil. At least I could say the names. Heavenly Father is definitely in the details of our lives. HUGS and have a wonderful Sabbath!

Emily said...

We are going to have to teach you ninja to add to your list!

The Wilkes Week said...

Sounds good - is it a card game?