Sunday, January 4, 2009

Birthday Bowling and the Flu

Since the kids were heading back to Provo today, Sunday, we decided to celebrate my birthday a little early.

We started out at the Bowling Alley - I'm not much of a bowler but it is something we can all do together and that was the goal!
Here is the Birthday Bowler!

And of course the girls were the most stylishly dressed bowlers there!
Clark showed off his "I'm in a bowling league!" form.

Tessa was the top girl bowler with a combined score of 210 -even tying with her dad!! I was the big loser - seems like since it was my birthday they should have let me win!!

But the very best part of bowling - I get to wear velcro shoes!! Yes, my feet are so small I have to wear a children's size 4!

After bowling we went to dinner at one of our favorite little locally owned Italian restaurants. We returned home for a Samba rematch between the boys and girls - we were 1- 1 and had to break the tie. I am happy to report that the girls won!!

The evening started going downhill from there when Logan starting throwing up and a bad case of diarrhea (sorry if that is too much info) Initially we thought maybe that cream based red pepper sauce was the problem but early this morning Cali also came down with the same symptoms.

We looked into delaying their flight out but she thought she would be o.k. The family "barf" bowl accompanied them in the car and was used! Sorry to whomever parks next to the curb at the airport where Jim dumped the contents!!

The garbage can near the gate was also conveniently located and Cali took advantage of it.
Fortunately she slept on the flight to Boise and the connection to Salt Lake.

She and Logan are safely tucked away in their beds in Provo hopefully sleeping this off. Clark seems to be doing fine.

In addition to a pair of snow boots the college students left something else behind -their germs!

Tessa was up and almost ready for church when she began throwing up so off to bed she went. Jim made it through church and teaching his lesson and is now in bed upstairs. I am fine - so far!.


linda said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your household...believe me, I feel for them, I've been in bed sick since New Year's Day. I only took a shower about an hour ago which has been the first since Wednesday. I've been too sick.

By the way, Happy Happy Birthday to you!

P.S. I love bowling!

Leigh Anne said...

Linda - Hope you are feeling better soon! I'm keeping my fingers crossed I don't get this bug!
Thanks for the birthday greetings - my birthday is actually on Wednesday!

Happy New Year!

Days like These! said...

Happy Birthday!

I love the name:

****The family "barf" bowl ***

Despite the awful circumstances, the memories will last forever. So glad they're home safe and sound!

Leigh Anne said...

Thanks for the Happy Birthday my official birthday is this Wednesday - the 7th but since the kids were home I wanted to celebrate with them.

Yes, the family barf bowl is a big plastic tupperware bowl!!

Emily said...

I am now glad that they called Eric to pick them up! I was fighting hard last night to be the ones to pick them up, I was not willing to risk losing our (oops I mean Wynn's) award. But now knowing there were germs to be shared, Thanks Eric!!! So sorry the visit had to end that way :(

Leigh Anne said...

No worries about Wynn losing the award - there was no snow storm or 5 hour traffic jam this time. His title is secure. Jim is sleeping in Cali's bed tonight so I don't have to breath in his germs all night! I guess I could be a good wife and sleep in there but he offered! At least the sheets are clean, I got them washed today but now I am going to have wash them again after he sleeps in there!!

Michelle Wilkes said...

and all this time I thought we had coined the term: barf bowl

Hope everyone gets feeling better soon!

The Wilkes Week said...

Fortunately this bug seems to only last 24 hours. Logan and Cali are doing much better and Jim is on the mend. Tessa must have had a mild case as she is back in school today. And I am still standing - yeah!!!! Clark seems to have escpaed too.

So how big is your barf bowl??

Logan said...

I am so glad to know that every time I break up with a girl or have diarrhea the whole world knows about it. The joys of having a famous mother.

Tamara said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON WEDNESDAY, LEIGH ANNE!!!!! Glad you are feeling better and that all the BYU students arrived in Provo safely. We love reading about your family!

darlene young said...

HI Leighanne,

A barf BOWL! formal...our family just uses their hands to hold it...think I'll get a bowl!

But most important: HAPPY BIRTHDAY...yes I know it's Wednesday but I want to send a piece of JOY today!

Diane said...

FUN pictures!!! I am so sorry every one got sick. : (