Friday, January 9, 2009

Just had to Brag

O.K. so this isn't the type of stuff I usually post on our family blog but I am so proud of myself!!! I bet you all didn't know I was an expert bargain shopper - o.k. you knew I was an expert shopper but by necessity and not wanting to give up my shopping I have become quite the bargain shopper.

Look what I got today.

The original price on this coat was $179.00 Guess how much I paid - just guess!!!

The coat had been marked down numerous times. part of the problem was that it was missing the belt but given how short waisted I am I would have taken the belt off anyway.

O.k. - so the price on the coat today was $4.88 - yes that is 4.88!! But wait, they were having 25% off the entire store so I only paid $3.66!!

Now do you think I could convince Jim that now I can spend the other $175.00 I saved!!!!



Anonymous said...

That is a smoking steal! I need to hit the mall this weekend...the sales are tremendous! I hope you add a picture of you wearing your beautiful new coat!

The Wilkes Week said...

I wore the coat tonight and it was so fun - knowing I got such a good deal on it. I wanted to tell everyone how much I had paid for it. There are tons of great deals out there!! Got a great pair of dress slacks at Gap for $14.00 - originally $55.00!
Not as good a deal but still good!

Days like These! said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE bargains. You SCORED big time with the coat. I know you were looking GAW-JUSS in it too :)

Emily said...

I love shopping in Oregon! Some of our best deals came from there. On our first trip there ever I got a red jacket for $4.99. It was so hard to take off that price tag because I knew NO one would believe me. But I did and still enjoy the jacket today. Now, the real question, can you go back and pick up another one, size small? Come on, we live in different states! :) Congratulations!!! And I know you look better in it than the model.

Michelle Wilkes said...

Did they have any more?

The Wilkes Week said...

Unfortunately it was the last one in the store!

jay said...

Welcome to the world of bargain shopping! It is just so much more satisfying than paying a regular or just sale price!

Tamara said...

YEAH for bargain shopping. GOD FOR YOU, LEIGH ANNE!

Diane said...

WAY TO GO!! You know how to shop! :)