Sunday, December 28, 2008

Pretty Girls

We have enjoyed a nice Sunday today - it was nice to actually go to church after two weeks of being snowed in! The Ward Choir did their Christmas program and we had our special Christmas lesson in Young Women's. It was nice to stretch Christmas out a bit.

We've had a fun game playing afternoon and our friends the Ellsworth's came over tonight to teach us to play our new game - Settler's of Catan.

This weekend the girls went and did a photo shoot with one of Cali's friend. Olivia is a senior at Westview this year and she is an amazing photographer. She has a great eye and amazing creativity and does beautiful photography art. She has inspired me and I have decided to take a photography class this winter.

You can check out Olivia's work at her blog -

Enjoy the shots she took of the girl -

olivia girls

olivia sisters

olivia colorfjl girls

cali - olivia redo on ring

olivia tessa

olivia tessa 2
olivia cali

olivia tessa mirror
olivia shoes

olivia tessa 3
olivia cali close up hat

olilvia tessa closeup

olivia cali closeup


Emily said...

Oh, I can't wait for my girls to get big enough to do shoots like this. So fun, makes me excited to have them grow up :) What beautiful girls you have, but you already knew that!!!

The Wilkes Week said...

Thanks - they are cuties aren't they! I've got some darling pictures of your girls together that Cali took when we were there last - at Garnder Village - need to send you copies!

Diane said...

GORGEOUS! pictures! CUTE headbands! :)