Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Day

Our Christmas Day started with having to WAKE
up the kids at 9:00 a.m.!
Here they are on the stairs ready to go see what Santa brought!

We had a fun time opening gifts

The boys got Tessa just what she wanted -RED Vans!.

From mom she got an ANTIQUE LOCKET
Logan got the complete collection of ROCKY movies and a new camera since had lost his old one!

The boys bought their dad a ticket to the BLAZER/Celtic game. And then Clark gave Logan a ticket to the game and Logan gave Clark a ticket to the game! That makes a total of 4 Blazer games they will go to over the break - but I'm not counting! That is including the one they went to Christmas night. The girl's went to the movies while the boys were gone and we saw Marley & Me. The girls both cried - their dog hating mother did not!

With a little help from mom Clark picked out this darling HAT for Cali!

And the boys surprised mom with a combined Christmas and Birthday present

- a new I-POD!

As always dad was a great present hander outer!

Jim and Leigh Anne had agreed that they were not going to exchange gifts but they each cheated and got each other something.

Jim got a new set of cologne - perfect size for traveling and Jim got Leigh Anne a new GlassyBaby for her collection.

And then of course there was the traditional picture in the wrapping paper mess!

We had a nice relaxing day with visits to and from neighbors checking out what Santa had brought. Declan came for a visit - announced he was hungry so of course we had to feed him!!

Could we just KEEP him - please!?!?

We enjoyed a yummy dinner of prime rib, mashed potatoes, jello, Celestial Salad, homemade rolls, fresh sesame green beans and of course ice cream pie for dessert!



Tamara said...

Thanks for sharing. I rejoice with you on all the memories you are creating this holiday season. In years to come you will all ponder, "Do you remember Christmas of 2008 when this and that happened?". . . . .hope you get to go to Church tomorrow. . . .or pretty soon you will all be marked as "less active." HUGS!

mary lemons said...

Hi Wilkes Family...We just got your Christmas letter and were very happy to see that all is well in the snowy Northwest. We were able to see Verla yesterday at church! My daughter's in-laws are leaving on a mission and we went to the farewell. We adore Jim's folks. We are all happy, healthy, and grateful for a wonderful Christmas season. Much love, Kelly and Mary Lemons

Leigh Anne said...

Hi Lemons! So glad you stopped by the blog to say hi! Hope all is well in snow Idaho Falls!!

Emily said...

Sounds like you had a Merry Christmas! We love the pictures and sharing your day with us. We are also very impressed with the facial hair Clark, enjoy it while you can :)

Leigh Anne said...

Fortunately the facial hair is now gone! It was getting too itchy!!