Friday, December 26, 2008

Falls, Pizza and a Movie

The title of this post sums up our fun day!

On the front page of the Oregonian a couple of days ago was a picture of Multnomah Falls totally frozen over - no running water at all. Jim thought it would be fun to go out and see it.

Unfortunately it has warmed up a bit in the last couple of days so the falls are not totally frozen up any more but still an amazing site. We drove out this morning. There was still quite a bit of snow and slush on the roads the farther out the gorge we got. We saw numerous cars that had slide of the road including one large semi that slid off the road right at the exit of the Falls - there was barely enough room for our Suburban to get by.

This is the site that greeted us at Multnomah Falls today!

Me and my pretty girls.
I always love having my picture taken with one of my handsome boys...

until they use me as a human shield ...

because the other one is doing this!!

and then poor Tessa becomes a target!

Isn't brotherly love grand!
The walk up to the upper bridge was a little precarious - we had to hold onto the netting to avoid slipping down the cliff!

It was a beautiful site!!

On the way home from the Falls we stopped for pizza at our favorite spot in NorthWest 23rd. From there we met our neighbors the Osbornes at the movie theater where we went to see Seven Pounds. We enjoyed the movie but I won't say anything about it so I dont' spoil it for any of you who might go see it.


Tamara said...

AMAZING PICTURES and what a memory filled day!

Emily said...

Trust me girls, one day you will really truly love having brothers, but it isn't every day :) I want to see that movie, should I?

Leigh Anne said...


A lot of people I have talked to who saw 7 pounds found it depressing - I did not. The movie is very well done, I like Will Smith and I really enjoyed it! Just saw Vulkrie (don't think I spelled it right) and found it very inspiring!