Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Visit to Santa

I shared some pictures of yesterday's visit to Santa on but thought I'd share some here too.

It was an adventure getting down to see Santa. The Portland streets are totally covered in inches of snow - no snow plows here! In fact we now have a layer of snow with a layer of ice on top and then another layer of snow! For a total of about 10-12 inches - forecast predicts another 1-3 inches tomorrow.

So we put the chains on the car and headed downtown. Earlier in the day they were requiring them for ALL vehicles. It was a little slow but we made it no problem. Our friends the Jensen's went with us - they were anxious to get out of the house and for a change of scenery.

While Jim and Logan were parking our car Larry, Matthew and Clark did their good deed for the day and helped push someone out of the snow who was stuck.

We walked right up to Santa - no line and got our photo! After that we wandered around downtown a little bit and took some photos of all the snow. Found Tessa a pair of winter boots at Nordstrom Rack. Rain boots just don't keep your feet very warm in the snow!

From there we sent over to the Pearl District and enjoyed dinner (1/2 price appetizers during Happy Hour) at PF Changs. It was a lot of fun and being downtown with the lights and all the snow really got us in the holiday mood!

Notice the guy on the bike in the picture - only in Portland!

Here's our visit with Santa. You should have seen the look on Santa's face when he asked Logan what he wanted for Christmas and Logan replied, "A wife!" Bet he doesn't get that request very often!!


Emily said...

I am very impressed that you have chains for your tires! Thanks for sharing the story and pictures! Glad you are finding some joy in your weather situation and that your shopping is done :)

Tamara said...

Now you can empathizie with all of us who have shoveled snow for years, put on chains, and put our life in danger to go out on the roads. . . . .I'm on my way up the hill to spend time with Michelle's crew. . . . .Travis said it was way too snowy to head up to Flagstaff. They will be going up North to American Fork and Celeste and Brad to Colorado. Brad and Carena are on a cruise with her family. Tyler is in New Zealand, but bought tickets this week to travel to Argentina. . . . .WE ARE SO BLESSED!