Saturday, January 3, 2009

Holiday Entertainment

So how do you keep 3 college kids and 1 high schooler entertained during the Holiday Break? This is how...

DVD viewing: Roman Holiday, Funny Face, Charades (Tessa and I got on a bit of an Audrey Hepburn kick the week she was out of school because of snow!), Pride & Prejudice (K. Knightly verson), 3 hours of the BBC P & P mini series, Sense & Sensibility, Mansfield Park, Northanger Abbey, Dream Girls, Mad Money, and probably Dark Knight tonight! Can you tell it was the girls who did most of the DVD viewing??

Movie Theater viewing: Marley & Me, Seven Pounds, Vaulkrie

Sports viewing: 4 Blazer Games at the Rose Garden and who knows how many ballgames on TV!

The boys went to 3 games together and the whole family went to one together - here's proof that I was there!

We all went decked out in our red and black - the boys wore their Oden and Roy jersey's and Tessa wore her red Van's. Unfortunately it didn't help - the Blazer's lost!

We balanced all the sports watching out with a little culture too!

Broadway Show viewing: We sent to see The Color Purple. Clark didn't go with us. The kids all paid for their own tickets so when given the option Clark quickly declined. No surprise there!

Before the show Clark did join us for dinner at our new favorite hamburger spot - Five Guys Hamburgers and Fries! Thanks to our neighbor's the Quillins who gave all the kids gift cards to Five Guys!

TV viewing: what seemed like endless recorded episodes of Bones

What did you do for entertainment this holiday break???


Tamara said...

Thanks for sharing all your FUN entertainment. . . .My children would say I live a BORING LIFE. . . .I just worked, worked, worked, and worked some more, did genealogy, went to the temple, watched Michelle's 3 precious children so she and Ben could go out several times, and had BYU tv on. Can you believe our Cardinals won yesterday? I got caught up on some sleep, wrote lots of e-mails, and got my business books up to date. . . .Smiles to all of you wonderful relatives!!!!!

The Wilkes Week said...

Doesn't sound too boring to me!!

You always have a millions things going on!

Emily said...

I doubt anyone really wants to know, but since you asked. I will share how you too can find yourselves as good of parents as we found ourselves this weekend. 1st, you cancel a trip on your kids (that we told them about in advance and they really wanted to go!) because of a crazy primary situation. 2nd, you invite family over to help usher the new year in. 3rd, you bribe them to go shopping with you, a yummy dinner, and lights at Temple Square, only to arrive and realize that you have forgotten the little girls winter coats. 4th, you try again the next night with winter coats, in colder and rainier weather, only to find out that the previous night was the last night of lights!!!

But we did enjoy the Gateway and a fun show at the Clark Planetarium. And Wynn is set for his new look of "business casual" for the new job.

The Wilkes Week said...

Oh Emily - I love it!!! So what is Wynn's new job??