Saturday, May 3, 2014

Graduation Day #1 - Commencement

The main Commencement was held on Thursday afternoon in the Marriott Center.
They lined up down by the Administration Building so I went down to get a few Pre-commencement photos!
  So excited for and proud of these two!

 I then headed up to the Marriott Center to try and catch a few of them marching in.  I managed to get a couple.

 One of the perks of getting a JD is you get to sit on the main floor!
 Elder Uchtdorf had a grandson graduating so we got to hear a few words from him.
The main Commencement Speaker was Elder Craig Cardon of the Seventy.
 President Samuelson conducted. This would be his last BYU graduation as he is retiring.

 Outside the Marriott Center for a few photos - love these two boys!!
 And love that cute little photo bomber in the background!
 My three handsome men and another photo bomber we didn't know!

 Proud parents!

 Unfortunately it was Cali's opening night for Willy Wonka so she had to be at school.  We missed her!
 Proud little sister.
 Jessica's sister Julia and her parents were there for the graduation too.
 Proud mama!
 Clark wore the C tie tack Jim had given to him.  We had gotten in from Grandpa Wilkes things after he passed away and he had gotten it from James Clark (his father in law) after he passed away so it was very appropriate that our Clark James now has it!

After commencement we enjoyed a delicious family dinner with the Jardines at LaJolla Grove.

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