Saturday, May 3, 2014

Graduation Day #2 - Convocation

Convocation was on Friday.  Convocation is when the individual colleges/schools have their graduation.  The Law School Convocation was held in the deJong Concert Hall in  HFAC.

Before Convocation there was a reception outside of the law school for graduates and their family.  We were able to meet several of Clark and Jessica's professors.

 Clark with the Dean and Associate Dean(?)

 One of the highlights of Convocation was that Jessica sang a beautiful solo.    She sang "Savior. Redeemer of My Soul"  With a piano and violin accompaniment.
 The hooding ceremony!

 It was raining after the ceremony so we took a few photos inside -not the best lighting!

 We loved that Emily and the girls were able to join us!

 They did it!!  And have the diplomas to prove it!
When the kids graduate from college I make them a quilt.  Here is Clark & Jessica's graduation quilt.

Somwhere in the border I always have the gal that does the quilting for me right what the event the quilt is for - this one says Law School Graduation 2014.

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