Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Willy Wonka

Last Tuesday I flew to Utah to be there for Clark & Jessica's law school graduation and to help Cali the few days before her show opened.

She was doing Willy Wonka Jr.  I arrived in time to take pictures at her dress rehearsal and help her run last minute errands.

It is so fun to see her in action with her students.  It is very evident that they totally adore her!  I was affectionately called Mama Wilkes.  When Jim arrived later in the week the students called him Papa Wilkes

 Cali is not only the director but also the head choreographer,  music director, set designer and costumer designer!  The set turned out amazing! She was lucky to be able to borrow a lot of the costumes from Westview.

 The cast did an awesome job!!
 Charlie was absolutely darling!!

 Totally love the oompa loompas!

Such a fun show and so glad we got to be there for it.  The whole family was able to see the show on Saturday night.

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