Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bollywood, Shakespeare, Donuts, BBQ and a Farewell

The title of this post about sums up our weekend!

Friday night Tessa hung out with her friend Rachel Densley while Jim and I went to dinner with Marsha and Larry.  Marsha suggested a new restaurant and as always we were game.

We went to Bollywood Theater on Alberta.  It is Indian food and they actually show a movie on the wall so I guess they can call it a theater.  We haven't eaten much Indian food so really weren't sure what to order so took the advice of Yelp and the person who helped us and  ended up enjoying everything we got!
.It was fun to try some new things and some new flavors.  I couldn't begin to tell you what the name of anything was except for the Shrimp Curry and Chicken Curry.  But it all was yummy!.  From there we headed over to Laurelhurst Park where they were doing Shakespeare in the Park and a performance of Romeo & Juliet.  They really ham it up for a tragedy so it was quite entertaining!

 Saturday morning Tessa and I headed out for a little girl time.  We decided to explore the Fremont area and the Alameda neighborhood.  Our first stop was Pip's Donuts.
 They make the donuts to order so they are as fresh as they can come!  We loved the Honey and Sea Salt ones especially but the Cinnamon Sugar were delicious too.  We washed them down with a nice big mug of hot chocolate!
 From there we used our City Walk book but drove around the neighborhood instead of walking - it was a bit cool and raining a bit but we loved seeing all the beautiful homes on the Alameda Ridge.  From there we went down to the Hollywood area and went to the Farmer's Market and then lunch at Atomic Pizza.

We then went home to finish getting ready for the High Priest Group BBQ at our house that evening.  It was a bit sunny so we moved the tables to the other side of the yard for some shade.  Everyone had a great time and it was a beautiful evening.  Lots of good food and company.  Loved having Tom Emmett who is 101 there!!  We are definitely the young ones in the crowd!!  Let's just say there was more than one walker (as in medical walkers at the party
 Today, Sunday we attended church in Tualatin.  Our old neighbor and childhood friend of Tessa, Davis Wilkinson, is leaving on a mission to Australia, Korean speaking.

He gave an AMAZING talk and it was fun to see Davis and his family!  He is going to be an amazing missionary!

 These two were the cutest little play buddies when they were little!!!

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