Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tessa Turns Twenty

So I have to start out by saying I have neglected this family blog for way too long - over a year to be exact!  I blame it on the Wedding Carnival.  Once I started planning it last year it took all my time and attention and once it was over I just never got back into the habit of keeping this updated except for a couple miscellaneous posts.  I have repented though and I am determined to get it back up to date.  So I am going to take my own advice and I what I use to teach all those years in scrapbooking classes and I am going to start current, stay current and work backwards.  Wish me luck!

So July 13th was a momentous day at the Wilkes house.  It was the end of teenagers at our house.  Tessa turned twenty! Kind of sad....  but we love young adults at our house.

 The day started out the way all birhdays start at the Wilkes house - with crepe paper streamers and breakfast in bed.  Even when they turn twenty they want streamers!

For breakfast in bed she ordered waffles!
We then had present opening in bed too.  We face timed with Cali as Tessa opened her gift.
Tessa and mom then headed out for a fun day together.  Because waffles aren't quite enough for breakfast and birthdays are all about good food at our house we stopped at Blue Star Donuts.

The two favorites were the Maple Bacon and the Lemon and Lime Curd Filled Donut - yum!!!

We then headed to the Expo Center for the America's Largest Antique Show - so fun.  It was huge and a little overwhelming but we found a few vintage hats for Tessa's collection and I found a few vintage frames for mine!

Tessa wanted Thai food for dinner so we tried a new place - Thai Elephant and really enjoyed it.  Tessa got her favorite Tom Ka Soup with Chicken and sticky rice.
Her good friend Katy Jo joined us.  

And because we hadn't eaten enough that day and no birthday can end without dessert we headed down to Papa Haydens.

Tessa went with a raspberry tart and I of course had my favorite - boccone dolce.  Katy Jo had salted caramel ice cream and Jim just had samples of everyones!  The decision process is always a little difficult at Papa Haydens!

 Tessa had to photo bomb my dessert photo of course!

 Then the next day, Sunday we had to have the traditional Wilkes family birthday cake for dessert!  Raspberry Cream Cake!

 Hard to believe our baby is twenty!  What a beautiful lady and so proud to be her parents!  Can't wait to see what the next twenty years bring!!

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