Sunday, July 28, 2013

King's Court - Bucket List Check Off and Seattle Weekend

One of the things on Jim's Bucket List has been to sit in King's Court at a Mariner's Game.  King's Court only happens on days that Felix Hernandez pitches at a Mariner's Game.  If you sit in King's Court you get a special t-shirt

 And you get a big K.  Everytime Felix gets up to pitch you then get to yell K K K K K and hold up your sign hoping that he will strike them out.
It's pretty fun - at least for 9 innings.  When the game went into extra innings (5extra innings to be exact)  yelling K K K K KK gets a little old!

We looked pretty cute in our Long Live the King T-shirts though!

 One of the best things about going to a game at Safeco field is the food - we enjoyed fish & chips, philly cheese steak, kettle corn and of course dippin dots!
We also paid our respects to Dave Niehaus!
It was a fun game even though the Mariner's lost in the 14th inning.  We loved sitting in King's Court!

We found a hotel through priceline and stayed up north of Seattle that night.  Saturday morning we got up and headed back into Seattle to enjoy breakfast at Serious Biscuit - a yummy restaurant that obviously serves biscuits!  Reminds me a lot of Pine State Biscuits in Portland.    We had some great food, including their bacon butter.

 One of the best parts of the restaurant was the chalkboard pig outside in front!
 Not sure Clark believes us but when we got there this is what we found on the pig's behind!  It really wasn't us Clark!!
From the restaurant we went over to the Fremont area and checked out a fun vintage mall where I found a globe for my collection and a few vintage thermos!  It was a successful day.  We then stopped down at Pike's Market to check out the famous gum wall.  In all our trips to Pike's Market we had never seen it before!  Jim and Logan discovered it on their last trip to Seattle so Jim wanted us to see it.

It kind of grossed Tessa out - and to just think it all started with one little piece of gum!!
We then headed South towards Portland.  We made a stop at Lake Merwin where our friends were camping and had their boat.  We spent the afternoon on the lake and Tessa tried her hand at wake boarding for the first time!.  She impressed us all and actually got up after a few tries.  She didn't stay up long but she got up!!

The water was a little cold!

Tessa's friend Davis was very helpful and patient with her and spent the whole time in the water helping her!

We stopped in Battle Ground on the way home for dinner and were ready for bed!  It's been a good Sunday.  I taught the lesson in Relief Society.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like an awesome time. Happy you were able to check off one more thing off your bucket list. See you soon at the reunion!