Saturday, October 1, 2011

Library Square

One of my favorite spots in Kenosha is Library Square.  Not only because it is surrounded by beautiful buildings but so many of them were a part of my life.

One of my favorite places to visit as a child was the Children's Library.  Kenosha had a separate children's library that was housed in an old church.  The old church is once again a church and the children's library is in the basement of the main Simmons library but here is the building.  It was a pretty library.

 The next building along Library Square is Armitage Academy.  My dad was on the original board that founded the school after Kemper Hall closed down.  Unfortunately the school closed down in April after 35 years.

 During high school I worked as the secretary to the rabbi here at Temple Beth Hillel.
 The beautiful Simmons Library is in the middle of Library Square.  I spent a lot of time at Library Square during high school.  We had an open lunch hour and I would often walk around the square during my lunch (usually with my boyfriend Bill!!)  Sometimes I even went into the library and studied.

 I had forgotten what a beautiful building it was.

 The view from the front steps of the library out into the square.
 The beautiful church across the street.

The beautiful KYF building across the street where I took my first yoga class was totally empty and deserted and was in bad shape.

The other building I love that lines the square is now a funeral home but at one time it was a private residence that was part of the underground railroad.  (I learned that in my 3rd grade when we studied the history of Kenosha!)

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