Saturday, October 1, 2011

Kenosha Good Eats

Of course part of our trip to Kenosha had to be about the food.  We had a list of places we needed to eat while we were there.

The top of the list was Villa D'Carlo right on the waterfront.  Lucky for us I booked a hotel room at the Best Western right on the marina so we were conveniently located directly across the street from Villa D'Carlo.
After we checked in we headed across the street.  As soon as we crossed the street we both said - it still smells the same!!

The restaurant looked the same too.  We ordered our usual  - half cheese/ half cheese and sausage.  The best part?  It tasted the same too!!!  We almost ate the whole thing between the two of us!!

Saturday morning we got up early and headed over to Frank's Diner.  Actually, neither one of us had ever eaten here while we lived in Kenosha even though it was there the whole time.  I guess kids just didn't eat at Frank's when we were growing up???  Both of us had seen it on an episode of Diners, Drive Ins and Dives so wanted to check it out for sure. Frank's Diner was brought into town in 1926 pulled by six horses. 
Our booth was right next to a very friendly man that had grown up in Kenosha so we had fun talking to him and about people and places we knew.

We both went for the Garbage Plate - only a half order though.  I think I ate about 1/6 of mine!  It was delicious.

I loved this place!  Why have I never eaten there before???

 We were a little windblown and wet from being attacked by one of those waves down on the pier that morning!

Hopefully we obeyed the rules!
What would breakfast be without the Kenosha News.  We were sad to hear that the owner of the paper - Howard Brown had passed away this April at the age of 92!
For lunch we headed over to The Spot.  The Red Star drivein was closed for the season.  We use to go there on our lunch break from school for 25 cent hamburgers but I always liked The Spot better!
Their rootbeer is wonderful.  I had to get a root beer Whirl though - so good!  And of course a burger and fries.

The food tasted the same, just the prices were higher!

I also had some custard and kringle.  The complete Kenosha experience!

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