Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dining Room Redo

Last weekend Jim flew to Utah to visit the kids and go to BYU's first home football game.  This was his birthday present from me and the kids.

He had a great time despite the horrible, terrible, no good football game!  He got into Provo later Friday night so Saturday morning he met all the kids for breakfast and then he and the boys and some of the David Wilkes' boys played golf.  After that he went to watch Cali's play practice and then he went to a special pregame dinner/presentation with Logan and sat with Logan at the game.

Sunday Logan spoke in his Sacrament meeting so Jim and all the kids went to hear him and then Cali fixed them a yummy Sunday dinner after that and before Jim headed to the airport.

No one managed to take a single picture all weekend!

While Jim was in Utah I totally enjoyed my weekend home alone. I made a big fat mess too.  I spent the weekend repainting a piece of furniture and painting all kinds of frames and other things getting ready for a guest blog post I was doing.

When I picked Jim up from the airport Sunday evening I did warn him not to have a heart attack when I opened the garage door.

I decided our dining room needed a little facelift. I decided to paint this piece of furniture.

It now looks like this and I love it!
I repainted a bunch of older gold frames too.  And added a few pieces of art work and some wooden W's to the wall too.

I found this fun vintage tray at Goodwill for four dollars and it was the perfect thing to old some old family photos.
I have always disliked our ugly 90's gold light fixture so I painted it too - it is amazing what a little spray paint can do!

All in all it was a very productive weekend!


Cooper Family said...

Love the new look of your dining room! You did an amazing job!

dawn said...

You sprayed your light fixture? Brilliant. I just bought a new one a few weeks ago to update our 90's gold in the kitchen. It's still in the box. Maybe I'll reconsider. Love the yellow. Did you have to sand the frames. I tried to spray them once and the paint didn't stick to the really slick frames.

Leigh Anne Wilkes said...

Dawn. I didn't sand or prime the frames and they were fine. None of them were too shiny though. Spray paint is the best